Monday, 24 March 2014

New York - Nomad Hotel

Hi all,

Soooo... New York !
Those who visited Big Apple know that the city is full of great hotels, with special concepts and changing interiors.

I had the chance to stay at the Nomad Hotel on Broadway, between 28th & 29th street. 

Near to fifth av. and the Empire State Building and on a walking distance of Soho, Greenwich Village (my favorite), Chelsea and Time Square, the Nomad Hotel gives all is charmes to the neighborhood.

Not quite midtown, not quite downtown, the hotel took the name of what was a decade ago a "forgotten" neighborhood.  "Nomad", meaning North of Madison Square Park, the old center of Manhattan, the home to so many moments and memories.

What I realy loved about the Nomad ?
I loved the Neoclassical architectural style, the use of sculptural decoration along conservative lines, the emblematic cupola, the original glamor in the interior with the little details and the service who made me feel like I was a real special guest.

Hope you will remember this post during your next stay in NY ;)

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