Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wonderfull Barca !

Barcelona, what a city !
If you want to run away from our rainy Belgian weather, run direction Barcelona !
Could write for hours about this beautifull city, but I think the pictures will tempt you enough to have a wonderfull trip there.

 Casa Battlo, di Gaudi.

 Crazy stairs of the main tower of the Sagrada familia.  

Poor little turtle, he has all the sagrada familia on his back

Here, somehow, the heavenly Mediterranean sunlight is seemingly more delicious when set against Gaudi's architecture, narrow alleyways, expansive waters, and in the gleam of each and every Barcelonian's eye.

Park G├╝ell and its colorfull benches

The shiny, cosy & colorfull entrance of the W tower.  I smiled when I saw the Bonnet poufs of Casalis. Kids are crazy about them.

WaterWalkWay in the entrance of the W tower.

The W tower at the Marina... what a surprise !! A most perfect entrance and waterwalkway !  Also the restaurant at the first floor was great to discover !! The boxes, create little dining rooms, different environments and keep the views of the space.

The wood used in floors, walls and ceiling as the only material of design, gives the Bravo 24 restaurant a landmark warmth and allows space to provide the different environments: the dining room, services, and the chill out zone. This factor, together with a decisive and different lighting in each area makes it, for me, the most cosmopolitan place to be in Barcelona

My lovely contemporary hotel: Alma Hotel.  Such a pleasure, from the entrance with the smiles of the people working there, to the fingerprint key to enter the room.  Btw, I think i'm going to use some ideas I saw there for my next interior project... :o)

Hope you all love the pics like I loved the trip !


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