Monday, 9 July 2012

A little bit Miami Chic please !

Hiiii my favorite followers !

Today, I want to show you some other pictures that I loved when I was making my moodboard of styles you saw last month.  For those who missed the post, click here.  The style here is definitely Miami Chic ! Most of them are great thanks to the color, the contrast or thanks to a detail. 

Have a nice week & take care ;)

Love the use of black and white, not too minimalist or cold.  Just A perfect mix.  And look to the light...

This interior is all about 'Contrast and proportion' - Love the mix between the wooden floor and the detailed wall panels

Big rooms, ... create a zone in floor and ceiling

Just for the colors and textures and maybe a little bit for the view ;)  

Indirect lightning, a must to make it all look chic and give an other dimension to the materials you chose

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